More than 94% of roads in America are surfaced with Asphalt. It is without a doubt that Asphalt pavements have many advantages. They are better than any materials used to construct pavements. Here are a top few benefits of Asphalt Pavements:

  • Quiet Economical: Asphalt pavements save a lot of money in the long term. They cause fewer bumps on roads, thereby reducing the normal wear and tear of vehicles passing on them. In fact, they are not just safe but also make and keep the roads smooth. Their high durability reduces the need for maintenance and repair, which eventually saves a lot of taxpayer’s money.
  • Makes rood smooth: Asphalt makes the road smoother, making the pavements ideal for driving and walking. Smooth roads are safer, because rough and uneven roads are prone to accidents, as they increase the chances of the driver getting fatigued, and they diminish control over vehicles. Smooth roads also reduce friction between tires and pavements, which reduce carbon emissions and saves fuel.
  • Makes road quiet: Noisy roads are pretty annoying and can be a source of distraction if you are sitting in the car or even at home. However, Asphalt pavements can reduce that noise significantly, as much as to few decibels. By reducing the noise, they also reduce the need for costly sound barriers; hence they help in saving a lot of money.
  • Travellers and business-friendly: Asphalt pavements are very easy to implement. They do not need much time; this saves the time of a lot of travellers. They also do not require much curing time and site preparation and traffic can be permitted as soon as the rollers are finished with their job. The quick implementation also means fewer carbon emissions are generated. Most of the Asphalt pavement projects are done overnight and are completed in one day, this ensures minimum disruption to the citizens, smooth flow of traffic, and street access to stores and businesses.
  • Environment friendly: One of the biggest advantages of Asphalt is that it is a hundred percent recyclable, and it is a fact that it is one of the most recycled products in America. The Asphalt industry uses and reuses the Asphalt pavements, saving a lot of taxpayer’s money. Not only that, they cause great advantages to the environment. As compared to other materials for pavements, Asphalt requires twenty percent less energy, emitting fewer carbon emissions into the environment. Apart from that, even post-consumer waste such as tires can be used in recycling Asphalt pavement, this reduces landfills waste and saves natural resources.
  • Highly Durable: Asphalt Pavements are very durable and robust; they have a strong life and do not get damaged easily. They can bear extreme weather conditions like rains, storms, etc, and do not quickly obsolete due to the normal wear and tear. They are designed to withstand any conditions of traffic, soil, and materials. They just need periodic maintenance and they can remain intact and in a good shape for a very long time.

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