There are a hundred of things to notice while surveying a house to buy it, and although we don’t always like to admit it we are probably not qualified to do so on our own. This article will act as a quick guide to refer to before buying the house one is surveying. The reasons to survey a house can vary from personal satisfaction to getting a mortgage for the house you are buying, for which you might need to hire a professional surveyor.

There are many different surveys available to be purchased in the market as a service for you.

A home buyer’s report will give you an insight into how safe the house is structurally and how much damage has it taken if any. It will also give detailed reports on the dampness or if the building fails to comply with the local laws for building safety if applicable to your house. This survey only takes a couple of hours to be completed.

Building surveys are done for houses that are very old, say 60 to 70 years old and also on houses that are not built from standard materials like cement, and instead of things like timber. This survey will determine the condition of the property and highlight things that we might have not foreseen with recommendations into checking them before buying the house. It will also recommend either abandoning or rejuvenation after buying the house if applicable. These surveys are done by professionals who can be found online.

Home condition surveys are for people who might want to apply for the insurance of the previous owner to rejuvenate the building after finding the extent of damage caused to the building. Though this survey tells us the extent of the damage caused to the house, it cannot give us a valuation onto how much we might need to spend on the house. SAVA is an accreditation handed out by the National Energy Services which give certification to people who are authorized to perform such kind of HCS surveys, and therefore it is wise to check with them before proceeding to hire a surveyor.

A new-build snagging survey will check if the new building is built properly or if there are problems in plumbing or improper wiring or poor painting and so on. Hiring a person independent of that project will help you out further with the necessary transparency. The building can also be evaluated in terms of energy efficiency if needed by the buyer.

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