Carpets are one of the best investments you can do to make your home look warm and welcoming. They define space, create beauty, and improves the ambiance of your home.


A lovely clean carpet drives the attention of all visitors. It is the first sign that indicates you are a hygienic person and love cleanliness. Thus, if maintained in its proper condition, it can bring you a lot of appreciation.


If you also want to keep the carpets in their best condition, then consider the following tips by our experts.


  1. Do not expose carpets to direct sunlight – To maintain the new shine of the carpet inside the home; don’t install it in areas where it gets direct exposure to sunlight. The harmful sun rays can fade away the dyes in your rugs. Place it in an area where there is no or very little sunlight, and they can retain the same look for a long time. If not possible, then keep rotating the carpet to ensure the uniform fading.


  1. Vacuum Regularly – This is the crucial step of carpet maintenance. Regular vacuuming doesn’t let dust pile up in the carpet, and thus they stay in good condition for an extended time period.

However, while using vacuum over the carpet, make sure that high powered rotating brush is not used. Otherwise, the threads of your carpet will get damaged permanently, and you have to invest in new carpet soon.


  1. Clean spots immediately – Not attending the stains when something spills over the carpet can leave a permanent mark over it. While cleaning, firstly dab a dry cotton cloth over the stain, so that excess liquid is absorbed. Remember not to use bleach, soap, or other common cleaning products over your carpet as the fiber of your carpets can get damaged severely. If in case, you are unable to clean the spot, then don’t be harsh with your carpet. Instead, prefer calling carpet cleaning professionals immediately.


  1. Rotate carpet regularly – It may sound weird, but it is essential if you want to maintain the uniform look of the carpet. Experts say that it is beneficial to rotate the carpet after every one or two years. And if in case your rug is placed at a high-traffic area, then rotate it after every two months. This way, wear will be distributed evenly, and the value and appearance of the rug can be maintained for a longer time.


  1. Flip the rug – Many carpets have fringes that can become tangled and twisted very easily. Avoid combing to detangle these fringes because doing so can damage the natural fibers of the carpet. Instead, flip the rug and let fringes unravel naturally. In addition to this, shake the carpet gently to detangle the fringes.


  1. Use DIY carpet cleaning products carefully – You can get several carpet cleaning products in the market that claim to give a premium look to the carpets in your home. No doubt, these products are useful, but one has to be really careful when using them. It is so because they contain strong chemicals that can reduce the quality and shine of your rug and can even damage it completely. To stay safe, it is recommended to try a patch test first and then apply the cleaning product over the whole carpet.


  1. Don’t step on them with heels or heavy boots – Make it a rule in your home that no one will tread on the carpet with shoes. Everyone has to remove their footwear before stepping on the carpet.


We visit different corners of the city with our footwear, and they collect dust and germs in their sole. You may wipe your shoes with the mat outside the home before entering, but that doesn’t work much. If you walk on the carpet with footwear having dirty soles, then a lot of germs, allergens, dust, and bacteria are transferred to the carpet. These harmful microorganisms will make home in your carpet and start multiplying there. This will lead to allergies, and the air quality of your home will also deteriorate.


  1. Air it out – If any liquid spills on the carpet, then immediately take it out and let dry it in the open air after cleaning the excess liquid. If you do not do so, then moisture buildup can lead to the growth of mold.


  1. Hire Professionals –It is recommended to hire carpet cleaners after everyone to two years, depending on the traffic in your home. They can help to bring back the charm of your carpet and extend its life.

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