Storing your belongings methodically and effectively in a safe and secure place is very important. Rental storage units are very useful for short or long-term storage of your items. They can simplify your life as they help you de-clutter your space and safeguard the items you want to keep but are not currently using in your home. Your living space can be increased manifold if you organize and maintain your storage unit efficiently. A storage unit helps you in preserving your valuables from sun, wind, rain and intruders. Here are a few tips which can help you in using your rental storage unit in a more effective manner.

Use pallets for storage

Using pallets for stocking up your items in your storage units is a very good idea. It will ensure you leave nothing on the floor, hence protecting your items from any liquid spillage.


Plan an organized layout for your storage unit.

This step is highly important, as the entire management of the rental storage unit depends on it. You must organize the unit in accordance with your needs. If you will visit the unit regularly you would want to leave a pathway in the middle by arranging the furniture against the wall opposite the boxes. If you want to use the middle space then keep it empty or store lighter boxes there so that you can move them easily.


Use shelves on shelves scheme

Using bins or shelves for storing your items prevents lower boxes from crushing and gives an organized look to your storage unit. You can either build these shelves with plywood or buy them from stores.


Put labels on every box

Labeling each and every thing will ease your future work. You would be able to find all items easily.  Every box must have labels that are protected by clear packing tape to prevent them from tearing or fading. Labeling the top and sides of each box will make it easier to find items inside them.



Wrapping your items with plastic will protect your items from dampness, dirt and the occasional insects and bugs. You can also use colored plastic wraps or cloth wrappings of various fabrics to help organize your items. This will help in easy identification of goods thus reducing wastage of your valuable time.


Safety first

Be sure to have a good security system for your storage unit. An efficient alarm system or an all-weather pad lock and a safe area are essential for the proper security of your items.


Choose the storage unit wisely

Selecting a safe and secure rental storage unit is the most important step for a good storing experience. Be diligent enough to inquire and research about the various options available to you. You may search online about the various websites providing the facility of rental storage units. A good storage facility should have adequate climate control, proper security and pest control measures in place.

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