In today’s’ era, the security of our virtual space is as important as the security of our home. We bolt our doors and keep the keys at a safe location to ensure our safety. Similarly creating a secure password is one of the most important safety measures that can shelter your cybersecurity. The common advice to create a secure password is understood by all but practiced by very few. Not having a secure password can prove to be fatal as all your personal and sensitive information can come in the hands of scammers and hackers who can easily misuse it. Here are a few tips to help you learn how to create a secure password and prevent such situations.

Create a long password

It is always better to create a password with at least 12 characters. Hackers can use various advanced techniques to frame all the possible combinations of letters, numbers, and symbols as fast as possible. Thus, a password with more characters will make the task of the hacker complex and difficult by increasing the possibilities of combinations.


Avoid personal information

Creating passwords that include your personal information such as name, date-of-birth, and pets’ name are very easy for the hackers to guess using sources like Facebook or Instagram.


Increase its’ complexity

While creating your password don’t make it a very easy one for the sake of remembering it. Try to use different symbols and numbers in your password. Usage of uppercase and lowercase can be done to make them complex. Stay away from dictionary words or combination of dictionary words, they are not safe. More complex your credentials are it is more likely that the hacker will get locked out before guessing the right password.


Use password managers

The old days of searching through files to find passwords are long gone. Nowadays password managers are used to helping you create and store multiple passwords in an encrypted environment. They make the task of password management easy and efficient. Latest password managers available are:

  • KeyPass
  • LastPass
  • 1Password
  • Dashlane
  • mSecure
  • Enpass
  • Encryptr



Change your password frequently

“Treat your password like your toothbrush” this line is used many times to show the significance of changing your password within short durations.  Once changed do not use the same password for a long time. Create a secure password every time you change the previous one.


Do not share your passwords

Be diligent enough to keep in mind how important your personal information is and never share your passwords even with your closest friends. Once out in the open, your sensitive information can be used by anyone.


Use two-factor authentication

In today’s world, this TFA acts as an extra layer of security that requires not only you a password and username but also extra information that only the users have on them. Such as a phone or email with a code. This concept has made our accounts much more secure. Gmail’s two-factor authentication is a very good example of how TFA works.


Hacking of accounts can cause a lot of trouble in your life. Therefore, creating secure passwords is of utmost importance and must be done.

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