Undoubtedly, the roofline of a house is its most striking feature. And not just aesthetically, it is also an important structural part of the building envelope. Like any other part of the house, it also needs renovations or reconstructions. Therefore, the moment you see damages creeping in, you should start preparing for a roofing project.

But unfortunately, roofing projects are long, tiring and depending on the scale, can be seriously expensive. But it is a project which you cannot and should not ignore.

In situations where roof repair is crucial, it is common to find people make mistakes. As time goes by, homeowners pay the price of these mistakes by even more repairs or at worst a complete rebuild. So here are 6 common roofing mistakes that you should avoid at all costs-

Not Hiring a Seasoned Contractor

The biggest mistake you can commit is by not hiring an experienced and trusted roofing contractor. Half of your problems with roofs can be solved by just hiring a company that understands what goes into correct roof installation. It takes the load off your head, giving you time to plan other stuff.

The contractor should be experienced, licensed, bonded and carry all the licenses required for operation in your area.

Wrong Roofing Materials

A spectacular installation will fail if the materials chosen are of the wrong type. Depending on the design and structure of the roof, the choice of materials changes dramatically.  For example, asphalt shingles don’t work as good as other shingles when it comes to flat design.

Similarly, wooden ones are not the best option when it comes to extreme temperature changes. So get in touch with the contractor to determine the best for your situation.

Not Nailing It

Shingles start straying from their position because these were not nailed properly. Using longer nails than required or using fewer than recommended is common. It can destroy the shingles or it can corrode the sealing underneath. So make sure that the workers are using proper nails and nailing the techniques.

Reusing Flashing

While the current flashing may appear perfectly fine, it is best to replace it with a new one. Many roofers will try to reuse the old flashing around the roof valleys or the chimney area. You are only asking for leaks and rotting over time. It’s best to pay the price difference and get the flashing replaced as well.

Keep the Overhang

The overhang should be planned properly. Shingles should extend past the drip edge of the roof only by about ½ to ¾ inch. Otherwise, it can lead to shingles flying off with the wind or water seeping into the fascia.

Layering New Roofing Over New Roofing

If you are doing this then any problem arising out of the old roof will never be known. It will be very difficult to inspect the inside of your home for any fragile areas that need extra repair or find hidden pockets of water damage. So your best bet will be is to lay new layers after removing the old ones.

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