When your carpets start looking dull and faded, it’s time to give them a deep cleaning. With continuous use, dirt and pollutants get trapped in the carpet’s fibers. You may vacuum clean the carpet every day but even the most powerful vacuum cleaners are unable to draw out the stubborn stains and bacteria. As such, to give your carpet a fresh look and have a healthier environment, hiring a residential carpet cleaning company is a must.

Carpets are not only expensive but also quite delicate which means cleaning DIY cleaning is not the right choice. Only an experienced carpet cleaning company is capable of removing bacteria, dust mites and other kinds of allergens from the carpets that can help your family live and breathe healthy.

By calling a professional carpet cleaner once or twice a year, you can reduce the risks of health problems, such as colds, flu, and respiratory issues. However, not all cleaning companies specialize in carpet cleaning which results in damaging the delicate fabric of your carpet. So, if you want to hire a professional carpet cleaner, here are three tips that will help you find the right one.

  1. Licensed and Trained

To avoid the risk of damaging your carpet, always look for licensed and certified cleaners. If a company is licensed to operate and has industry certifications, it guarantees their knowledge in this filed. Moreover, industry certifications imply that the cleaning company has passed the necessary requirements to carry out the job in hand.

  1. Method Used for Cleaning

There are different methods of cleaning the carpet and not all methods are suitable for every material. The most common methods used by these companies are the hot water extraction method and dry foam or shampoo method. You need to know the material of your carpet and research the best method for its cleaning. In addition to this, the cleaning service should also use the right equipment. Ask if they use industrial grade vacuums and truck-mounted hot water extraction cleaners. Unlike steam cleaners, hot water extraction cleaners are able to generate more suction and pressure.

  1. Environmentally Friendly Products

Next important consideration is the cleaning agents they use. This is because not all cleaning solutions are safe for children and/or pets. The best residential carpet cleaning company always uses eco-friendly products only. Some cleaners use chemicals that are not recommended for residential use and may cause allergic reactions. Apart from asking about the products, you should also inquire about other services included in the carpet cleaning such as stain and odor removal.

  1. Check Online Ratings

To find a reliable carpet cleaning company, you should check online ratings of the local companies. By reading the reviews of their previous customers you’ll get an idea of their quality of services. The company you hire should have more positive reviews than negative ones. If a satisfactory number of customers have posted favorable reviews, it’s an indication to hire them.

  1. Ask for References

A trustworthy company will never hesitate to provide you references of their previous or current customers. You may ask the company to give you at least three references. When speaking to their customers, you should ask about the behavior and skills of their technicians. If those customers are satisfied with the services of the company, you can think about hiring them.

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