With a soaring crime rate, the use of deadly weapons and act of vehicle sabotage is being seen everywhere. There are huge safety concerns when it comes to the lives of people and transporting valuable items via roadways leading to an increased demand for armored vehicles like never before.

Armored vehicles are specially designed to provide complete security and safety to the passengers. Although, they are not very economical, the level of security it provides to the occupants and precious items is worth every penny.

Having said that, today all business personnel, celebrities, military officials have understood the importance of having armored vehicles. Moreover, plenty of cash, precious metals, gems and jewelry, other valuables and important documents are transported easily and securely from one destination to another in armored vans and armored trucks. The armored buses, trucks, and vans are also used for transporting prisoners, witnesses, juries, journalists, etc. in unstable regions.

Well, if this all isn’t enough, keep reading further to know some mind-blowing facts about these marvellous machines –

Fact 1: Armored truck officers have the second highest death rate in security

The armored truck officers have the responsibility for the safety of every passenger and valuable item within the truck.

While the job is a little dangerous and high chances of getting killed are there, it isn’t as unsafe as other security jobs. A night club doorman is more likely to get hurt. Whereas talking about the armored truck officer, he/she is still on the other side of the shield and has enough time to act smartly in life-threatening situations.

Fact 2: Armored truck can get as heavy as a humpback whale

You might not believe this at the first instance, but armored vehicles are really very bulky. When loaded with heavy material, their weight can become equivalent to the weight of a small humpback whale.

When loaded with huge heaps of coins, the weight can be as much as a cargo helicopter as seen in the battlefields.

Fact 3: Armored truck can be driven around with flat tires

The offenders may feel that if it is not possible to attack the other parts of the vehicle, aiming at trucks’ tires can be an easy alternative. While it will render any regular car useless, nothing affects the massive tires of armored trucks.

It’s actually hard to burst the tires of the armored truck in the first place but if by any chance they get deflated, the driver can easily drive the truck at a fast speed and get the passengers and the cargo to a safer place.


Fact 4: Armored trucks are manufactured with unbelievably strong and robust materials

It is quite obvious to understand that the materials used to construct the armored vehicle makes it armored. The important parts like the walls, floor, ceiling, and doors of an armored truck are all made from steel. The windows are made of automotive glass or bullet-resistant optical plastic.

Galvanized and stainless steel is used to prevent the truck from rust and corrosion and interiors are lined with ‘woven roving’. The steel is hardened by giving heat treatments or adding chromium and nickel for strengthening the bullet resistance.

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