Many couples stick to the idea of having a custom home rather than buying a prebuilt home. They want their house to be constructed according to their choice. The idea of a custom house can be satisfying but to fulfil it, requires the right type of planning by an expert custom home builders who can comprehend your ideas and implement them.


The decision to build a custom home can be nerve-wracking since there are so many questions associated with the project that must be asked from the contractors you have hired. Before you plan out stuff, there are various things in mind that you want to add to your new house and your mind is full of questions that are waiting to be answered. Questions like-


  • What should be the size of the master bedroom?
  • Will the flooring of the kitchen and laundry be the same?
  • How many rooms your house should contain?
  • Do you have enough plot size to have an outdoor living space?
  • Should you consider the idea of having a basement?
  • What size of garage do you need?


All these questions may seem obvious and you might think that your builder will automatically answer all of them, but that may not always be the case. Make sure you discuss every detail genuinely to get the answers that will help you make the best decision. Look at the questions given below to ask your builder-


1) For how long have been in the business of building custom homes?

Your builder must have experience in all spheres of homebuilding. An experienced builder had dealt with various issues he had encountered in the home building process. The more the number of years he had invested in the business, the more he had learnt from his mistakes. His profound knowledge will be an advantage in your home building project. But that doesn’t mean you should not give the new builder a chance; if you are particular about your project, then you must hire an experienced home builder since he knows how to complete the work efficiently on time.


2) How much will the building project cost?

Once you explain to them the features and plans you have thought about assimilating in your house, you must ask them the cost requirements. No professional will start the building project without revealing the accurate cost estimation and extra charges associated with the things (if any). To know the precise pricing of the house, you must learn from your contractor about the level of artisans he employs, the material and tools they require, the type of work they do and other specifications.


3) Are they licensed and insured?

You can always check their insured status on their website since professionals always write it on their websites for customers to trust their work. It is important to know because there are so many people who are not licensed and do the shoddy work. You may hire them inadvertently or on purpose despite knowing they are not insured or not. This may affect your work, and the results may be disastrous. Therefore, it is always the right move to find out whether the builders you are hiring are insured and licensed.


4) Can they share their home portfolio and references with you?

High-tech builders keep the records of their previous projects to show them as examples to the new clients. They are restored in the form of photos or blueprints in their laptops which makes it easy for them to explain to the clients. Besides, if you are interested in meeting previous clients, they must accommodate your inquiries.

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