On paper, the process of transcription appears utterly simple. You listen to the audio and write down what you just heard. Simple, right? No, it is not. Unless you have super-human coordination between your listening and typing, delivering quality transcription in a quick TAT is a difficult job. But it can be made easier if you follow some good tips.

But why bother with faster transcriptions? The reason is simple. The pay for transcriptions is directly dependent on their speed and TAT. Faster the work, better the pay.  Even if you are doing it for personal projects, faster transcribing will save you some long hours.

So here are 4 effective tips for transcribers that will help you with faster transcriptions-

Get Your Ergonomics Right

Getting comfortable with doing any sitting work is important. It helps you to remain productive. Audio transcribing service takes a toll on your body as you will be required to sit in front of the computer for hours. While everybody’s definition of comfort is different but there are still some basic rules that you can follow-

  • The screen’s top edge should be placed squarely at the eye level.
  • Your hands should be properly supported by the desk or some other way. It will reduce neck and shoulder pain.
  • Your wrists and elbows should be in a neutral or straight position when keying or using a pointing device.
  • Keep your posture straight but loose. Instead of straightening your back, straighten your shoulders. This way, your posture will be comfortable. You should not crouch, ever.
  • Take 5-10 minute breaks for every hour of work. Take stretch breaks and avoid prolonged periods of sitting.

Improve Your Typing Speed and Technique

There’s a difference between fast typing and typing technique. You should focus on both. Faster touch typing will make your work quicker and a better technique will ensure that you can work for longer without fatigue.

There are many YouTube videos out there teaching both. You can also use special programs that teach computer typing. If you are just starting out with transcribing business, you should improve your typing as soon as possible.

Get the Instructions Clear Cut

It is often overlooked but typing the content right at the first go is faster than formatting it later. Only practice can improve your listening and typing capabilities. But on the other hand, it is certainly possible that you are not doing it quickly because you have no idea what you are supposed to do.

Get the proper instructions beforehand. Understanding what clients want is crucial as it allows you to format long documents on the go and save the time of formatting it later.

Use Technology

If you are doing professionally, then you should consider investing in some transcribing technology. Get dedicated software, proofreading or autocorrect programs and a better keyboard. You should also look for a foot pedal as it will make working with recordings so much quicker.

If you cannot get a dedicated foot pedal, you can consider a mouse with multiple buttons and assign macros to it. There are many options available and they don’t cost much either.

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