Dressing appropriately is an art that one has to master. Before deciding ‘what’ to wear, one should always think ‘where’ to wear. Fashion and style don’t necessarily involve wearing short skirts or tight pants, it is much more than what you see in those trendy magazines.

Fashion is all about the personal look, comfort, and dressing properly according to the occasion. Fashion would come and go but the impressions of your personality would stay. So, always make sure you follow fashion etiquette guidelines to create the best imprints in the minds of people around.

There is a number of occasions that you might have to attend in the upcoming year. But buying different outfits for each of those occasions isn’t sensible. Rather you should always have something in your wardrobe that is versatile enough to be worn for a variety of occasions.

Here are some amazing tips to help you dress appropriately and still have the eyeballs rolling every time you step in –


Dressing up properly for work is important if you want to be taken seriously and leave a good impression on the people. Typically the workwear can be business casuals like jeans and t-shirt or formal business outfits like the suit, hose, closed-toed shoes, etc.

The business casuals are casual than informal wear and less casual than a smart formal outfit and are allowed by the majority of the companies these days. While many of the companies still want their employees to dress up in strictly ultra-professional attires only.

 Birthday Party

Dressing up for birthday parties is actually the easiest. There aren’t any specific themes or dress codes that you have to adhere to. A fitted top with a skirt or a flared top with skinny jeans with a statement handbag is a perfect combo for keeping the look minimal and chic.

For creating a more edgy look, a boho dress teamed up with a pair of boots and a statement accessory is a great option too. If you are not much fond of jewelry, then donning your outfit with a leather jacket can be an interesting choice.

Wedding and Cocktail Party

Occasions like these are formal yet celebratory. You have to choose an outfit that is stylish but not sleazy. For weddings and cocktail parties, the best bet is wearing a long dress – a midi or a maxi that looks elegant and fashionable at the same time.

You can opt for A-line dresses that define your body beautifully without making you look out of the place. You can also experiment with pantsuits, sleek trousers or palazzo sets. Carrying a statement hand clutch and a complimenting pair of pumps can help you elevate the whole look.

Dinner Party

Dinner parties are unlike cocktail parties and need you to be dressed casually yet elegantly. Wearing something flashy would make you feel look out of the place, so you should better stick to powdered colors, pastels, sequins, etc. which are subtle.

You can choose to accessorize the outfit with statement neckpiece or earrings and a good pair of kitten heels. For chilly winter parties, cozy boots and faux fur coat works perfectly.

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