Backing up your emails has become a necessity nowadays as no one can afford to risk losing their important information, files or contacts. If your email data gets Accidental/intentional deletes, it would only cause unnecessary troubles to you. Thus, it is crucial to have a backup of your email so that you can have a quick access to your email data, hampering any data loss that might occur otherwise.

Here are some simple and handy tips that you can consider while backing up your email without having to consider any consulting with anyone dealing in data recovery services in Los Angeles:

  • Using specific platforms for particular email accounts
    • Google Takeout: It is the easiest way to create a backup of your entire Google account not just your Gmail. However, you may choose only your Gmail from the set of Google services. It will help you in creating a copy of your data as an archive that you can export to your system.
    • MailStore: It is a windows only service that helps in Importing and managing messages from different email accounts like Gmail, Thunderbird, POP/IMAP, Outlook, Mozilla etc. Not only is it helpful in searching any old mail in negligible time but also is highly secure and a one-click backup solution.
    • Backupify: It imparts a free service to up to 5 accounts on 2GB service and helps to maintain your data archive until you wish to keep it. It aids in backing up your cloud-based data in no time and helps you in saving data from 15 different platforms.


  • Exporting your emails to Outlook PST file

If you are planning to create a complete backup of all your emails, try using the outlook’s export function that is flexible enough to save all your emails, contacts, notes etc. in a .pst file. This PST file can be accessed from any computer via outlook. If you choose to save every single mail, you get to save your important messages in universal formats, like RTF, text or HTML. This is recommended if you want to save only a few messages at a given time instant.


  • Shifting to Script for a large collection of emails

A time saving and a highly recommended way to save all your emails from your large inbox is by using a VBS script. This script is helpful in exporting the folders you selected from Outlook in the form of individual .msgs. You even have an option to change the .msgs format to anything else. However, the facility to save your data using this script idea including some more advanced functionality is not freely available and charges some fee for their service.

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